W-2 Info Prior to 2014
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For 2014 and later tax information, log in to Workday and open My Tax Documents from the Pay worklet. For tax information prior to 2014, log in above.Sign Out when you are done.

W2 Information W2 Information

Your W-2 information for 2014 and beyond will be available in the 'My Tax Documents' section in Workday.

Regardless of the delivery method you have elected in the past you must choose how your W-2 will be delivered to you in Workday. If you need help, step-by-step instructions on how to complete this task are available in the online Solution Center.

Join J.B. Hunt’s sustainability initiative and select the electronic only option to help reduce paper waste. If you choose to receive a hard copy of your W-2 through the mail, it is important to review your contact information in Workday to ensure your address is correct.