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Access your W-2 information prior to 2014 from this page. Sign Out when you are done to ensure no one can access your personal information.

myVerify Instructions myVerify Instructions

1.     "Request Type” - Click the drop down arrow and choose one of the following:

ü  Verification of Employment – provides your name, last 4 of your SSN, employment status, length of employment, and job title

ü  Verification of Income provides the above information as well as wages, Year-to-Date and prior two years earnings


2.     "Delivery Method” - Click the drop down arrow and choose one of the following:

ü  Email – will be sent immediately

ü  Fax – will be sent immediately

ü  Mail – mailed at the end of each business day


3.     Where do you want your verification sent? – Based upon your selection of “Delivery Method”, additional boxes will appear for you to complete with the recipient contact information.  All requested information must be completed prior to processing.


4.     Click “Submit” when you have verified recipient information is correct.  You may then:

ü  Preview – to see your verification

ü  Cancel – to stop the request completely

ü  Confirm – to send your verification


Once you have confirmed or cancelled, you can start a new verification or sign out at the top right hand side of the page.